Transparency & Identity

Let’s be clear here.  Not invisible, but transparent.  As in, minimally opaque.  Like a brand new window pane.  Nancy Bach is me.  Nan Sampson is me.  Nancy Sampson-Bach is me.  And I don’t have multiple personalities (well, no more than any other writer out there!).  However, I do need to have different ‘brands’ for the different genres I write in. So for mystery, I am Nan Sampson.  For Steampunk, Fantasy, and Science Fiction, I am Nancy Bach.  And IRL I am… well, I respond to a variety of names.  Even Mary (my father used to call me that, and no one knows why) or Amy (which my grandmother called me and which was the dog’s name).  LOL

So if you see my mug associated with any of the above, now you know why.  I AM a real person and I’m only ONE person.  I mean, really, I don’t think the world could handle more than one of me.  That might violate some hitherto unknown law of time and space, and things might go kerblooey.  Not good.

Anyway, just wanted to be, ahem, translucent, about that. 🙂