Adventures at Geneva Steam 2019!

My co-author Susan Wachowski summed up our Con experience so eloquently that it would be pointless to for me to even try. So enjoy, dear reader! We surely did!

Susan Wachowski

and about my first subscriber special perk!

Picture courtesy of Carol Hornung (c)2019

It is the wee hours of the night on Thursday and the pile in the living room next to the suitcase grows every few minutes. There is enough snackage to get us through at least 2 weeks of our 3 day stay-or the Automazomb apocalypse. A large stuffed Squid with overflowing tentacles sits in the chair. It must be time for Geneva Steam Con!

Geneva Steam was my first time as panelist at a convention as an author and not a painter or organizer. It was part thrill, part panic, and part wide-eyed apprentice who lost their goggles! Although Nan and I didn’t get our first book out in time for the convention (we’re waiting on an awesome cover artist), the convention was incredibly understanding and welcoming! We are thankful and grateful to Emily and

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